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Enjoy the Fifth Dimension

Enjoy the Fifth Dimension Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

You strive for inner peace, but it is only provided to those who value it above all else. It is found in the heart connection to all the twelve dimensions of Earth. When you find inner peace, you have moved your consciousness through the third to fourth dimensions and are resting in the fifth dimension. Consciousness and inner peace open your personal portal to the fifth dimension. Once resting there, all twelve dimensions of Earth open to you to explore. This requires only a shift in consciousness.

From the fifth dimension, all possibilities of the cosmos are available to you. Some will be clear, some fleeting, and some just glimpses. But each time you feel them, they will call you to return and be them, rest in them, and explore their possibilities. The third dimension is fading for most lightworkers, which is as it should be, since your job there is done. Even though you appear to be physically there, you are in the fifth dimension and above in consciousness.

All these twelve dimensions surround Earth, so you have access to them in every moment from your fifth-dimensional perch. This is why you still feel connected to the third dimension when you have gone far beyond it. From your new perspective, it is magical to watch humans in all the different dimensions of Earth. Observe, for it isn’t chaos; it is all dimensions playing their roles. It is exciting and interesting, and it makes you smile.