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The Empath’s Portal: Activate Your Healing Field

The Empath’s Portal: Activate Your Healing Field The Heart of the Mother through Sarah Weiss

The Heart of the Mother: Raise your vibration by entering the stillness within. You will find me there with all the light beings, guides, ascended masters, and spiritual teachers ready to support you with high-frequency, loving energy. Turn to your higher consciousness, and humbly ask for the help you need. Quiet all expectations, and receive the downpour of light that is your higher consciousness.

Stay present and allow your higher being to put a spotlight on your healing field. Codes for your specific remedy vibrate in your healing field. You might feel us and your friends in the light realms shift your energies, balance your chakras, open your flow, increase your capacity to carry light, and raise your frequency to the healing range.

Consciously let go of any emotional suffering that accompanies your pain and discomfort, and become the healed version of yourself that exists beyond the physical. Allow yourself to melt into Mother Earth and ascend into Father Sun through your light axis, and dissolve into healing light through the healing field.