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EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Our Hearts in Full Form Maria Yracébûrû

Maria: This month you will find some places where there is only the lead-in statement and no prayer. This is the moment to open, speak, and put words to your thoughts as prayers. Send them forth to the four directions, blessing and reaffirming life.

March 1: shiwóyé’di’ ni’gosdzán biyideel. Strawberry — aging (4). The Foundation of my life is based in _____. Grandmothers from the Spirit World, we were born to be! We were born to be all that we were meant to be. Be the mountains. Be the stars that stimulate our dreams. Be the truths of our lineages. As long as we live in integrity and abide by the sacred laws, we are all that we’re expected to be.

March 2: echicasay taanaashkaada daláá. Prairie dog — Community (551). I ground in _____. All our relations come together as one, and we cannot escape the feeling that life is worth our while. We surrender and create the freedom to live and give.