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Dream Zone: Fast-Food Words versus Healthy Words

Dream Zone: Fast-Food Words versus Healthy Words Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I was delivering packages and had a McDonald’s bag with McMuffins, nuggets, and fries with me. Then I was at the ballpark, back working on the radio doing traffic reports. I was thrown off the air for not being good enough. I still had the food with me. Then I was in a theater and was moved by an usher to a better seat. I was thrown out for talking and took the food with me. Then I was walking on a bridge, and I accidentally dropped the food off the bridge. I went to pick it up and had to navigate a rickety dock to get it.
— Dave, 42, Youngstown, OH

From Lauri: Food in a dream can represent what we use to feed and nurture our minds. That being said, it seems you have experienced some rejections in real life, and in your process of trying to carry on, you are holding on to the idea that you have been used for someone else’s convenience. That and other ideas, like fast food, are not healthy.

The bridge represents your ability to cross over to new territory, meaning a new career or being in a new place with your heart, mind, and so on. Your ability to get there is hindered by your need to hold on to these unhealthy and convenient ideas you feed yourself. Ask yourself how that bag of fast food represents what you need to let go of. What is your self-talk like?