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Dealing with Loss

Dealing with Loss Lord Sanat Kumara with the Great Divine Director through Maureen St. Germain

We ask you to look at the upcoming events in your life with a renewed sense of wonder. Let it be for your highest and best good. Let it be fun and easy. You will need to let go of many things. With some of these things, you might say, “No. I must have that.” We say, “Well, see if you can find a substitute for that. See if you can find another way to get that need met. Or perhaps find something you don’t need and let it go.”

We point you to the concept of death. When someone dies, you immediately think about what you have lost. What if you think about all the good that came from this person being in your life? What if you allow yourself to move into deep gratitude that you could be with this person for so very long? Maureen’s mother used to focus on gratitude when her friends complained about paying taxes. She would say, “I am so grateful that we have the money. I grew up poor.” When she talked about Maureen’s father being a prisoner of war, Maureen’s mother would say that it was a miracle he came back alive, because so many did not. She was grateful they had so many years together.