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Dance Your Own Dance; Dream Your Own Dream

Dance Your Own Dance; Dream Your Own Dream Mary through Norma Gentile

A wounded heart is a common theme. Whether from life circumstances or long-acquired habits, a closed heart is seldom by your soul’s design. Rather, your human heart seeks to breathe with life and love all that it encounters.

What do you most seek? This is what you most desire. Only when your heart is closed (even a little) do you seek what you do not truly desire. Seeking what another finds pleasurable leads not to your own journey but into a stray wilderness.

Even your spiritual or psychic visions in this wilderness reflect what’s not truly in your heart. Gazing outside yourself, you see only the goals and destinations in a world that someone else seeks. This world would have you seek only these goals, as that is its purpose: to be in service to the heart’s journey of the human who created it.