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The Crystal Garden: Attract Blessings and Good Fortune

The Crystal Garden: Attract Blessings and Good Fortune Margaret Ann Lembo

When it comes to luck, it’s always up to you and your mindset to attract favorable circumstances. Ask yourself: “In what ways am I lucky? Where in my life do I feel unlucky?”

You can shift your mindset to believe you are always blessed with favorable outcomes and great luck. Luck appears to happen by chance, but in truth it is a state of mind. When you believe you can have success, prosperity, good health, a wonderful family, and good friends — things that make you feel lucky — you invite these things to manifest in your life. Having good fortune is your decision.

Amplify your intention to live a life filled with blessings with the help of amethyst, copper, carnelian, citrine, and jade, to name a few gems. Use amethyst to attract good thoughts, pleasant dreams, and transformational experiences that lead you to good fortune. Keep copper nearby while holding the intention to be a conduit of good luck for those around you. Allow carnelian to motivate you to take the action required to manifest a life filled with all that is good. Hold citrine when you need help seeing life optimistically as you create your reality. Keep jade nearby as a reminder that you have a life filled with blessings, good health, great wealth, and happiness.