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Command Mastery Presence to Create a New World

Command Mastery Presence to Create a New World The Divine Directors through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

With great presence, there is great love, and with great love, there is great presence. As the archangelic realm has called forward and ignited the stream of consciousness that is now ready to be claimed by all who choose, may your heart remember that a beloved master exists with and within your being.

As this linear year of 2020 progresses, it brings a rare and cyclical moment of extraordinary healing through the presence of your divine self. This moment has ignited the ever-expanding stream of consciousness and your experience of this awareness to be tangibly called forward through an ever-refining reclamation of divine mastery that is yours to command.

What does it mean to command this experience? This is the moment of the greater birth of the depth of your cocreative experience. It is a simultaneous opening and recognition of your ability to experience complete unification with the energetic field of matter that has cocreated your body that supports your divine experience in form.