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The Coming Velocity of Light

The Coming Velocity of Light The Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Light through Adonis

We greet you with a message of divine light and love. We are a collective group of souls from the Great White Lodge of Sirius. As an extension to this message, we send a seed of light that you might fully awaken, know your soul, and allow the divine light within to work its magic.

Our message begins with an outline of two divine energies, as recorded in the great halls, that have manifested to assist humanity during its many cycles. It is a story of the birth and growth of two divine expressions of the Eternal One. These rays of light/energy streams representing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are known as the Sophia and Mahatma energies.

These two divine expressions of the Eternal One have left their influences on humanity by awakening and activating many of you in this and past cycles. During this cycle, a large group of you was called into service by an overshadowing of these divine energies and has started your service as avatars, oracles, transmitters, collaborators, energetic channels, cosmic walk-ins, receivers, and world servers. You are each aligned to a specific frequency contained within these divine energies and offer a specific signature or vibrational essence. These signatures cover a wide spectrum of abilities expressed through your souls. Your souls consciously work with these energies, and you can be found in all aspects and areas of service. Still others of you are called to serve as energetic channels, activators, or transmitters, directing divine energy to awaken your brothers and sisters.