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Choice Grandfather through Robert Shapiro

All right, this is grandfather. Now we will speak of different things. There is the Moon in its orbit, and it seems as if things are normal. People look into the sky, and everything seems the same. But on the surface of the planet, there is turmoil. It has been said in many books of wisdom that the final days will see a struggle between good and evil. This is happening inside people. It is not “this” group that is good and “that” group that is evil. It is all happening inside people. So the title of this section is “Choice.”

You will all have a choice in every moment of every day of whether to use your benevolent way of being (which is unique to you personally) or whether to choose your anger and hate and prejudice self. It will come up in various subtleties. Sometimes you will realize after the fact that you didn’t have to be so sharp with that person. Or you will realize after the fact you didn’t know that saying that simple compliment would make that person so happy.