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The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal Sananda Council of Light and the Council of She through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Gillian: Okay, y’all, hang on to your holographic hats, because this next decade of understanding will be like a blending of Disney World, Universal Studios, and real life. The universe is calling this year the big reveal. Life will change as the momentum of earthly movement squirms like an inchworm, moving us into places of awe and dread. We will seek solitude from the incoming commands, demands, and solar instructions as our bodies are bombarded on a daily basis with gamma rays and radiation from our solar system. Are we strong enough and brave enough to do this? Do we want to do this?

Coming into commandership of our energies, perceptions, and understandings is not a sport of weakness. When a species begins to rise to the apex of its understandings, mountains become molehills and valleys become deep ravines. The virtual instructions of life, light, and energy swarm us on a daily basis even though our human eyes do not see the invisible perpetrators. We can literally feel energy swirling around us. Do we enter this Indiana Jones vortex of anything goes, where the unknown exists?

Our very human fears and divine instructions intertwine to create a bridge to everything. Just like an amnesia victim awakening from a trauma, we will see with wide eyes what has always been there. Do we hide, or do we move our awareness upward to take full responsibility as the holograms shift in accordance with the wants, needs, and proclamations of Earth as seen via the cosmic cloud?