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Ask the Angels: Heaven Will Enchant You

Ask the Angels: Heaven Will Enchant You the Angels through Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Do the angels talk about what heaven is like? And how important is it that we believe in God? I do, but my boyfriend doesn’t.
— Allison, email question

From the angels: Let go of common perceptions of heaven, because no human can know its glories. It is beyond description, and the intensity of love is beyond human understanding. You will be so enchanted in the heavens; it is the most incredible life. Gods make worlds without end and are joyful in their dispositions. They can be in several places at the same time.

The most eloquent nephant [a god in the heavens] now speaks to us: Most people give thanks because their faiths are strong, but some of their perceptions are incorrect. It makes no difference what your beliefs are while on Earth. If you do not believe in heaven or God, you will be astonished to enter heaven. You will understand all things and be humbled. The angels and gods will reassure you that the earthly perceptions you held are of no concern.