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You Are Always Creating

You Are Always Creating One Life through Catherine Weser

Imagination is one of the great gifts of humanity. We define your imagination as the ability to conjure up images, ideas, methods, interpretations, and appearances that are unexpected and original. You can also innovate because you can imagine. When you investigate the nature of imagination, it becomes clear that it is a magical display of the mind’s ability to organize phenomena that might or might not already exist and bring it forth into this world.

Your personal creativity is fueled by your imagination. The imagination blossoms when it is given the opportunity to take some form. This means that when you imagine something and then make it, build it, write it, or compose it in some way, the imagination muscle is strengthened. If the imagination never fuels something creative into manifestation, it can languish and become diminished.

Creativity is the outward expression of the inward energy of the imagination. Your imagination can bridge nonphysical realms with the physical realms and inspire you to create. Imagination renders everything internally, and creativity renders externally.