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The Universe Always Guides You

The Universe Always Guides You The Divine through Sara Wiseman

When things change in your life, please pay attention. A sudden shift in the pattern of your life is one of the ways the universe communicates with you. Sometimes, this seems to happen out of the blue. Even with all your attention to signs, synchronicities, and strands, you seem to miss what is happening as it happens. Then it just shows up.

Sometimes this shift can be enormously enjoyable and exhilarating: It’s the seemingly instantaneous success of a project, the meeting of a new love, an invitation to travel, and so forth. This is the best aspect of flow: You are sailing along your perfect river, letting the universe lead you, not worried about anything, just doing your dharma, and then something fabulous, wonderful, and amazing happens!

You then experience what is beyond your wildest dreams. You experience what answers the calling of your inner heart, and then it expands on that. It over delivers the vision you have been working toward for all these days, months, or even years. These are wonderful times, worthy of celebration!