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Truth, Love, and Light

Truth, Love, and Light Divine Mother through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am your Divine Mother, and I flow forth to speak with you about truth, love, and light. There is a certain way of relating to truth that allows every being to reside in wholeness. This is done by remembering that truth is. That is to say, you are the embodiment of truth. Now, I am not speaking of right and wrong; those are distortions that rest on the illusion of separation from the whole. Because of separation, all beings journey to find their way back to the whole.

This might hold a hint of truth to those who feel lost and abandoned. That loss and abandonment is from your true selves, the reality of who you are. Many have heard this before, so I will not go into the truth that you are divine and your beingness is where you can end your sense of abandonment. Perhaps you can give yourself a moment to reflect on this truth.

Those who feel abandoned and can’t seem to find their way tend to believe they need rescuing. Many people on Earth reach out to those who are lost and abandoned and assist with their suffering, but it still resides within every being to decide — to really decide — to take action to relieve their suffering.