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Trust Your Inner Voice

Trust Your Inner Voice Larkon through Ingrid Auer

Greetings. My name is Larkon. You keep asking us angels the same questions. It’s not that they annoy us, as annoyance is a human characteristic we do not experience. However, you always want quick — preferably immediate — answers to your questions. Not knowing means a loss of energy and time to many of you; it makes you insecure, twitchy, or nervous.

For example, you want to recognize the contexts in your lives and know the future in advance, thinking this will make your decisions easier. As a result, you are obsessed with astrology, oracles, and card reading. Don’t get me wrong; this is okay. However, you could avoid it all if you only trusted your inner voice a bit more and did not put yourself under constant pressure to force decisions when the time has not yet come.

Lean back, relax, and feel inside you. Your inner self knows all the answers to your questions — including the not-so-convenient ones — because your inner self is, in fact, your higher self, which sends you signals and impulses. These are often overlapped by the voices of your ego, intellect, or mind, but you can clearly hear them in quiet moments.