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A Thought, a Way of Life, and a Sanctuary of Truth

A Thought, a Way of Life, and a Sanctuary of Truth Inspired Guidance through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Gillian: Dimensional doorways in space and time open and close simultaneously, revealing themselves between coatings of light, uncloaking for all to see. This year as a planet, we are being asked to look closer at the interplanetary and outerplanetary entranceways that have been opened right before our very eyes. Ocular and cellular activations come to the forefront of our minds as remembrances come to the surface to be seen in the light of a new day. What is unseen within floats to the surface with or without anyone’s permission.

A triangulation of sorts awakens from a long, tripolar sleep between the vibrations of Mars, the vibrations of the dark side of the Moon, and the teachings of Ultima Thule and all her asteroid sisters. These are just the beginnings of triangulation in this number 12/3 year of learning.

Our soul selves, human selves, and cellular selves stir the pot of interplanetary genetic materials. Earth memory, space memory, and time circles come to a point of collective awareness. Like being caught in a time loop, we are going nowhere.