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Spirits of the Biloba Tree Created Yeti (Bigfoot) People

Spirits of the Biloba Tree Created Yeti (Bigfoot) People Being Created by the Spirit of the Biloba Tree through Robert Shapiro

16 January 2019

We are here for the book.

Thank you. Welcome.

The brief civilization we had on your planet may be something you are interested in. We lived around (what you call by your calendar) 1400 BC on your planet. Mostly we were underground, but sometimes we came close to the surface. We had a liaison there; this is why we came for a short time, because the beings that we were connected with were in our genetic past, considerably into our past. But they still had our genetics in a stream of their abilities, meaning a stream of consciousness, but it wasn’t really that. It was more like something that you could use if you needed it: a physical application of something that might be brought about by need or desire. You wouldn’t think about it usually.

This group of beings in our genetic past is known by other names in your time now. Sometimes they are called the yeti or, for some strange reason, abominable snowman or, my favorite, Bigfoot even though their feet are not entirely that big compared to some people’s feet. We are not those beings, but they have a strain of our DNA, and we were on the planet because we wanted to find out more about them, exploring our ancestry in a way. We live in our now time well in the future from your time. But we went back in time to 1400 BC on your planet because that’s the time when it was safe for those beings, when they could walk around and go places and do things, and there wasn’t much interference or much danger.