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Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval Archangel Metatron through Rae Chandran

Hello, my friends, this is Archangel Metatron. My love to each soul, for you all are bringers of the new consciousness. Your role as a group is to bring forth the understanding of the galactic consciousness and the fire power within human beings. This fire creates and lights the life force. It is called many names, including God and kundalini. We congratulate and honor you for taking this step in your life contract to shift planetary consciousness. We, the archangels and angelic kingdom, honor and bless each of you.

We wish to talk about soul fragmentation. You may wonder how soul fragmentation occurs since the soul is part of the Creator. The soul that exists on Earth’s plane is not the oversoul. On this plane, soul fragmentation happens on a daily basis, and human beings are not aware that it happens. Whenever excessive fear occurs, part of the soul fragments, for it cannot handle this fear energy. When soul fragmentation happens, the part of the soul containing gifts and abilities leaves you.

Some indigenous cultures know about soul fragmentation. In many cultures, when people return from hunting, with or without a killed animal, the village shaman performs a soul retrieval to help them if they had an experience that put fear in their hearts. Maybe an animal — an elephant, tiger, or snake — confronted them and they were scared. The emotional body is damaged by such a fearful experience, and the aura collapses. The shaman’s ceremony balances these aspects.