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Shamanic Wisdom: The Many Ways of Employing Energy Medicine

Shamanic Wisdom: The Many Ways of Employing Energy Medicine Jan Engels-Smith

The Many Ways of Employing Energy Medicine

The benefits of shamanic or energy medicine techniques are so powerful that it is hard to conceptualize how helpful, meaningful, and empowering they can be. I have often commented on how I wish educational institutions would teach these techniques in schools because raising children with an awareness of how to manage their life forces would actually change humanity over time. As difficult as it is to comprehend the potential of these healing techniques, the basic methods of employing them are easy to understand and, once you grasp them, easily applied.

I believe the most important concept to internalize is that humans are more than bodies and minds; humans are energy systems. In elementary science classes, we learn that all matter is actually vibrating atoms of energy packed tightly together. Regardless of the density of the matter, the atoms still vibrate and move in an alive state of energy.

I believe we forget this truth when we think of the human body. The human energy system is very fluid, and components of this energy move in and out of the body regularly. We imagine the body as just a container of tightly packed atoms, but the human energy system is vast and is contained inside the body as well as in the fields around the body.