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The Secret Wisdom of Animals: You Are Our Heroes

The Secret Wisdom of Animals: You Are Our Heroes Kim Malonie

You Are Our Heroes

Kim: A few months ago, I received a phone call from a gentleman named John. He was very concerned about Venus, one of his Clydesdale horses, and he asked me to see her. When I arrived, he said she would not come close to anyone since she had a bad accident with a hay baler a few weeks earlier. She got her head trapped in it, and he had to physically remove the hay baler from her.

I told Venus I was coming by to see her, and we needed to talk. I let her know I wouldn’t touch her if she didn’t want me to. When I arrived, I asked her to come over to me, explaining that I couldn’t walk over to her. I wasn’t steady on my feet with the frozen, uneven ground, and I was afraid of falling. I felt honored when she walked right up to me. She looked at me with her big trusting eyes and said, “You can lean against me. I won’t let you fall.” Then she put her big, beautiful head against my shoulder. Venus then told me her story.

Venus: I’m so happy you’re here. I have so much to tell you! I owe my life to my heroes, Sherlock and Milo. Without them, I truly would have expired. When my caregiver was away, I was eating my hay from one of those horrid metal bale holders. Something caught my attention, and as I turned to look, I got my head lodged between the iron bars.