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Manifest Your Truest Desires

Manifest Your Truest Desires Artemis through Kenneth Drake

“There is now existing within you the pure, untapped resource of limitless potentiality. Within you lies dormant the ability to manifest exactly the dreams and desires of your soul the moment you begin to harness your true will.”

— Artemis

You have heard us say on many occasions that there is at work within your midst a law of creation. This divine law has always worked in tandem with what you call the power of attraction. From the perspective of your realm, you view attraction as bringing the things you desire into your life. However, beloved, we say that it merely seems this way from your perspective within linear time. The grand reality is that manifestation emerges from within you through creative force.

It does not matter to us what you choose to term this etheric power — whether magnetic attraction or inner creation. But we think it is now expedient to understand the deeper truth of the mechanics of the magick you possess and to manifest the life you desire.