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Learn to Live for Thousands of Years

Learn to Live for Thousands of Years The Arcturians through Anara WhiteBear

We offer you a spark. Each time you generate big energy within you, this spark ignites you in different ways. Sometimes it comes through a book you read or a sound you hear and feel. Sometimes this spark, this ignition, comes from being by yourself.

This is a time of being ignited by the higher energies moving through your physical body. We are not speaking of your energetic body; we are speaking of your physical body — the physicality that you are now.

Yes, you are multidimensional, but you have this body that covers you now because you came here to enjoy. You came here to fully experience touch, taste, smell, and hearing. You came here to experience these things, and we want you to understand how to experience it fully — with joy — and with the remembrance of why you came here to be physical.