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Ignite Your Soul

Ignite Your Soul The Cosmic Blue Essence through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Beloved ones, in a world of great light beyond the stream of stars in the night sky, we come to you. This world ignites a magnificent and expanded experience for all who ask. The experience of density is at a moment of expansion, and many cry out with clarity and commitment, “I want a better life! Why is my life the way it is now?”

Relax into Your Divine Presence

We invite you to simply be and relax into the connection of your divine presence. When you do, you remember that this moment — this life experience — is the expression of your mastery; therefore, how could it be any better? Breathe and relax as the smile of eternity arises naturally to call you from the perception of anything that is less than.

To relax and connect with your beingness is to reclaim the illuminated mastery that is ready to be expressed. When the illuminated master arises, the mind of density relaxes and the heart of illumination births. With the birth of true illumination, mastery anchors into form.