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Honor the Seasonal Shift from Winter to Spring

Honor the Seasonal Shift from Winter to Spring Jenine Beecher

The spring equinox signals the transition from winter’s inner work and healing to the growth and creative opportunities provided by the energy of spring. Taking the time to move with this shift in energy can provide you with an energetic momentum that will carry you through the year. For some tips on how to best manage the swing from winter to spring, I consulted with herbalist Cherise Atkinson, founder of Bright Green Possibilities.

Winter’s weather and limited sunlight present you with the opportunity to celebrate this season that amplifies the beauty of slowing down. This season invites you to eat hearty foods, enjoy hobbies, take time for naps, and relax on the couch. Before jetting into the pace of spring, you must first honor the work you have done during the winter months.

Winter is the time to process lessons from the past year and incubate ideas for what you would like to create for the future. Did you take time to rest, recharge, and heal wounds that were ready to be released? If you have more work to do, time is still on your side! The energy of the next month allows you to complete your inner winter projects. Take advantage of this time to do what you need to set yourself for success for the energetic benefits spring provides.