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Holiday Gifts for the New Year

Holiday Gifts for the New Year Kryon through Lee Carroll

15 December 2018, Miami, Florida

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This weekend will feature the last channelings of the year with the exception of one on Christmas Day. It’s a good way to close 2018.

I give this information for those listening [and reading] beyond this day. It’s December as I speak to you, and the beginning, dear ones, of a cultural festival. This festival is one that features giving. Indeed, some have decided it’s a festival of buying; however, that is a cultural choice.

Did you know that this holiday season isn’t just for you in this country? At different times of the year, many cultures hold this kind of festival. It’s as if people take a break from life and start to create decorations and lights. It’s an honoring of family and a time of giving. Hindus do this well. They have Diwali, a festival of lights and a time of giving. It sounds a lot like your Christmas, doesn’t it? In their culture, they celebrate one another. It’s a time to stop for a moment and honor family. In the Hindu tradition, Diwali has separate days for giving to family members. There is a day to honor your mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. Other cultures do similar things in different ways; many believe in a time of festive giving.