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Health and Well-Being Come to the Forefront

Health and Well-Being Come to the Forefront Lynn Buess

The health and well-being of the masses come to the forefront this year. Alternative and natural forms of healing reach a larger population despite the attempts to suppress and prevent natural cures and remedies that work. The rising number of lawsuits due to the side effects and toxicity of pharmaceutical drugs will be too much to ignore, even by those who were previously oblivious or indifferent to the fact.

Things get touchy with the possibility of high sea collisions and weather disasters, and combat becomes a possibility now and as the year rolls along. The public will be introduced to more information concerning how long we have been in outer space and the contacts made with alien civilizations. The moons of Mars get attention in the press with revelations of our presence in space in the past, present, and future.

Political and ecclesiastical changes in Italy will have an impact around the globe. There will be a reemergence of royal influence across Asia; this is particularly true for Japan and China. A reawakening of ethnic and regional pride causes political and social changes in Manchuria and Mongolia.