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Goddess 101

Goddess 101 Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

In the silence, you are one with the universe. In the waking day, you follow your ego’s rantings. You listen to other humans as if they know best, and you attempt to understand them. You try to comprehend them and wrap your head around what they say and believe. This is a tactic of confusion and oppression. You, all that you are, are the only one who knows. Listen to your heart, connect to your soul, and bypass your mind’s chatter to hear the real you. Your soul speaks softly of love and light. That is the tone of the angels and the whispers of the goddesses to quietly awaken you. It is who you are and have always been.

Listen carefully, my loves, for this is the way of the New Earth. When the words are loud, they are ego-based and trying to distract you from being who you are. The ego is afraid of losing control. Humans who have been in control are very afraid to lose control, so they yell in order to distract and cause fear; but you don’t listen. You breathe deeply and ask the heart what is real. What are the words of the soul connected to the spirit? This is the way of the New Earth.

Balance the Masculine and Feminine