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Failure Also Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Failure Also Helps You Achieve Your Goals The Shepherds of Peace through Thelma Bodnar

Welcome to this new year! Yes, you’re well into it already, but it’s proving to be an improvement on 2018, yes? There is much movement taking place, both on the Earth plane and in the heavens. The sparkling lights you might have seen that seemed to be out of place were, and actually are, there to make you aware of the newness of the times.

Some of you still choose to live in the past. You replay past scenarios over and over, believing that’s the only outcome to expect in the present, the only perception of reality, and the path that will be replicated over and over. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Each experience is there to cultivate a new awareness within you: You can make different choices and see things in a new way.

You must realize by now that change is all around you. The weather changes, the life experience changes, and the drama changes — as do the awakenings to a brighter vision and version of you. Change is ongoing. You can make choices that do not rely on how you did things in the past or how you reacted to past events.