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EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: This Year Changes Everything

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: This Year Changes Everything Maria Yracébûrû

This Year Changes Everything

From diiyin: Our reminiscence is over now. It is time to move forward. We have looked into life as a dream through the winter, and we now follow the lead of the visions being given to us. Spring brings heightened awareness. We enter a new sensation, a time of new experiences and excitement. We can hardly wait to see what lies ahead. Love is in the air, and you don’t have to be raised in Earth consciousness to be aware of this fact. This is the greatest adventure of our lives, and our hearts feel good about it. This is a year that changes everything.

March Prayers

Grandmother Moon, in the dream that calls, we are reminded vividly of playing, feeling very peaceful, and watching the stars. All of a sudden, we are shown shifts and changes, and we are not afraid.

ya’ai dahitáá nakia. Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon, and Rainbow Serpent, the circle of observers grows wider and communicates as a result of our sharing and discussions.