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Dream Zone: Pattern Repetition in Dreams

Dream Zone: Pattern Repetition in Dreams Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

Pattern Repetition in Dreams

I had the strangest dream awhile ago, and it’s still vivid in my mind. There was a snake dragging a bear and a coyote dragging a polar bear across a street. I think the bears were dead. These small animals were dragging these huge animals. It was so weird.

— Michelle, 52, Fishkill, NY

Lauri: The bears symbolize something in your life that is now over but you are still carrying with you. You are dragging the issue on and on, so to speak. Each animal in this dream is a clue as to what the issue might be. The bears likely represent a person or situation you found to be overbearing.

The polar bear could be something or someone you might describe as hot and cold. Snakes can often represent toxic people in your life. The coyote symbolism is interesting. They are known for being scavengers and sneaky tricksters. And there is Wyle E. Coyote from the cartoon who never achieves his goal because he is always outsmarted. You need to think about your personal associations with coyotes here.