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The Divinity of the Chakras

The Divinity of the Chakras the Radiant one through Virginia Ellen

I would like to share with you the divinity of the chakra system. The chakras are more than vortexes of energy. Sacred seals crown the chakras, and within each sacred seal lies the divine male and the divine female aspects of God. This is where the power, wisdom, and knowledge of God and the transformational energy of healing reside. This energy is lying dormant within all of us — waiting to be activated. There is a divine purpose and function for each sacred seal. The divinity within each sacred seal is the vehicle to activate the brain for full enlightenment and to expand the DNA system. It is the power and glory of Christ and the kingdom of God within.

The First Sacred Seal

Location: base of the spine

Color: red

Female Aspect of Divinity: the Mother of Creation