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Desires of the Heart Quicken Wisdom

Desires of the Heart Quicken Wisdom The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

When a child is born, she or he does not have any way of recognizing on a human level what is real or not real. The child’s new brain has to acclimate and become reactivated by the child’s parents and others who influence what the child absorbs. Your channel remembers being a baby who automatically saw everything as real. The unreal, or illusion, did not exist for her until she reached five years of age, when she felt and saw a white veil of sorts — between the spiritual realm she loved and the human realm she was not comfortable in — lifted from her eyes for the first time. As an adult, she realized that experience was when she was integrated into the human dream as a participant and no longer just as an observer in the world of linear time.

Fear of Change

Children learn, experience, and accept change more easily than adults. Why? People get settled and used to certain ways of living and being, to the extent that little and big changes are equally painful. The fact is that human life is illusive and will continue to transform your world, including everyone and everything on it. Without change, nothing can or will evolve, causing stagnation, decay, and the death of meaning and purpose to sustain life.