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The Crysto-Cosmic Glue of Ideation

The Crysto-Cosmic Glue of Ideation Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings, masters, I am Metatron, angel of light, with Tyberonn of crystalline service. We welcome you in a vector of unconditional love. First, we speak about the divine science of ongoing planetary transitions and the quickening on Earth. According to geological theory and science, your Sun and its amazing family of planets —including your Earth — were created from a massive cloud of elemental particulate dust and gaseous vapors condensed some four and a half billion years ago.

Several hundred million years after Earth took form, billions and billons of asteroids and meteorites collided with the molten embryotic Earth in a massive impact phase, bringing minerals and water and divinely penetrating and fertilizing the planet. In the primordial dance of tectonics and volcanic eruptions, Earth’s diverse mineralogical skin evolved and shifted. An outer crust developed.

Your academic mainstream sciences are relatively well versed in surface knowledge of Earth’s geology. But it will be many decades before multidimensionality is scientifically acknowledged. Be aware that a big piece of the ongoing transitional upshift of your blue and green garden planet concerns dimensional expansion. Indeed your planet Earth and your solar system and cosmos are dynamically multifaceted, having infinite and ever-evolving dimensional aspects. All the planets in your solar system are highly conscious beings. All are part of your unique “university system.” All are soulfully inhabited, but only Earth has dynamic physical life as you know it.