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Connect More Deeply with Trees and Other Beings

Connect More Deeply with Trees and Other Beings Beings from Pegasus through Jaap van Etten

We from Pegasus have a deep connection with trees, and we love to communicate with you directly and through trees. For thousands of years, we have approached people. In the past, there were more people with whom we could communicate to varying degrees. Unfortunately, this has changed. Currently, there are only a few people with whom we can communicate directly. We see this as a temporary phase, and there are already signs of change. People are beginning to connect again with trees on a deeper level. We have shared that we have developed different ways to open people to our energies. One such way is the Noya Rao, the sacred tree we communicated about in a previous sharing.1

The purpose of this communication is to share more of our energies to allow more people to become aware of us and make a deeper connection with us. Another aspect of the communication is that we want to stimulate your willingness to open yourself for such a connection and to deepen this connection once it exists.

We are aware that deepening a connection with us can be uncomfortable. Every being from any star system that works through any form that connects with you will always invite people to step out of their comfort zones. Getting you out of your comfort zone is not our purpose, but it is a consequence of the connection. You have to step out of your comfort zone to make a deeper connection with your essence.