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Cause for Celebration

Cause for Celebration The Great I Am through Maureen St. Germain

We speak to you this day from a place of deep harmony and love for you and all you have been through. This is a great time for celebration. Know this: If you have not seen the celebration yet, say to yourself, “Well, I know this celebration is coming, and I am grateful. I know that I am part of this celebration.” By using the “I am” statement, you are claiming your creative right to create the celebration.

Now what would this celebration be? What could it contain? We say to you, it is the time when humans are freed from the tyranny of oppressive governments worldwide. Humans will start to unravel the true history of this beloved planet. While some of it might seem devastating or shocking, we say to you, “Do not dwell on anything you hear that you do not like; instead, find the parts that are helpful and appropriate.” There will be many new inventions that will come forward, including ones that were secreted away and never made available to the public. As these things occur, you will see other manifestations of this new wave of energy that are cause for celebration.

Many new businesses are going to start up that might not wait for the big celebration. Their purposes are powerful, expansive, and helpful to many. They are on-point to be of service to people in a way that has never occurred before. You might be one of those people starting a business. Pay attention to the feedback you get from family and friends. Ignore the naysayers and listen to those who have words of encouragement and support your idea both energetically and financially.