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Bring the Perfected Vision into Matter

Bring the Perfected Vision into Matter Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

March 2019 has a powerful energy with the fifth full moon at 0° of its sign. The consecutive 0° full moon series began in the air sign Gemini and closes the five consecutive full moons at 0° of their signs in Libra conjunct the super galactic center. This powerful vision holds energy that assists with manifesting the perfected vision designed to bring spirit into matter at the beginning of time.

Those who attempt to control, manipulate, and enslave the human kingdom have spent lifetimes injecting twisted versions and overlays of lies into the original perfected vision. The blinders of fear are now dissolving for all to see truth. Much of what the human kingdom believes to be true is extremely tainted, soiled, and distorted thought. Many members of religious sects, countries, companies, cults, and organizations all over the world created a huge amount of judgment, blame, and lack of responsibility.

This distortion and finger-pointing has created such destruction and put the focus on death, fear, and hate rather than life, love, and compassion that the Cosmic Mother of All Creation and her divine consort, Panden, along with the elemental kingdom, are now intervening to remove the blinders from the eyes, souls, and spirits of everyone. They’re encouraging authenticity in each member of the human kingdom. In so doing, they invoked the karma of balanced reciprocity so that what one sends out into the universe through thought, emotion, feeling, or action is what comes back multiplied for each individual, regardless of whether there is belief or understanding of balanced reciprocity.