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Be Present in Life

Be Present in Life The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

How do I sustain my creative passion as I re-engage in my new life after letting my past go?

Light masters, your presence in this life and every moment is the key to sustaining your creator passion for ascendant living and expanding bio-awareness. You have emerged out of the stories of your pasts and futures and from the underbelly of distorted energies, agonizing loss, and disassociation from your bodies, as well as lost DNA data communication in your stories of wounds. These experiences have pulled you out of your life, emotions, and contact with your core essence. This creator school of experiential theater told you that at the end of your play you would drop your form and retire from this world into freedom. Instead, in the process, you created a new light free of energy standards for conscious-creator embodiment. To re-engage in life once you’ve become self-realized, simply means there will always be more awareness by bringing more of the fullness of your being here to animate your existence.

By being fully present in your free-energy vessel, you exist on many levels at once in pure essence awareness. This means the less you run ahead of or outside of your bio-vessel — trying to control it, struggle with it, or punish it — the more of you can re-engage or anchor inside the heart consciousness to create. It also means you no longer allow the outside projections of shame, guilt, judgments, sabotage, hurt, or blame on your body/vessel. It signifies that you have allowed the natural release of all bio-emotions and synaptic cleft-brain thoughts from the agonies and ecstasies of old creation stories. This makes room for more and more of you to be present, because you are going deeper and deeper into your conscious core creation with constant access and exchange with all your aspects, attributes, and aspects inside one energy-efficient vessel. Then your New Earth presence is everywhere and everywhen, without other parts of you scattered over the universal timelines in parallel pasts-futures, distracting your moment.