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Ask the Angels: You Create Your Heaven

Ask the Angels: You Create Your Heaven the Angels through Cheryl Gaer Barlow

You Create Your Heaven

I read an article that heaven is located in the Milky Way. Can the angels clarify this?

— Jarvis, Reno, NV

From the angels: Heaven contains more aspects of culture, light, feelings, intelligence, creation, growth, experimentation, and discovery than can be comprehended by people of Earth. Heaven is astonishing in powers, effects, colors, sounds, events, births, and aliveness. Heaven is endless. Heaven is always growing, expanding, and creating upon itself.

Heaven is not a physical place, as people of Earth define it. If one considers a physical aspect of heaven, it would be continuous growth in all areas of all space. If one is to categorize this, it could be considered varied levels of bliss through all existence. As one becomes closer to God and the Holy Spirit, feelings of ecstasy become more profound. This is experienced by gods and the highest, most sacred of all entities. Many realms, areas, vibrations, spaces, and degrees exist.

When the soul lifts to the heavens and feels the heaviness of the physical body fall behind, the angels let the soul reflect and assimilate all that has happened. The angels discuss clearly with the soul what is needed to bring the soul closer to God.