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Andromedans on Earth

Andromedans on Earth Star Sister from Andromeda through Adria Estribou

Earthlings (as you have been called in many old science-fiction movies), Earth dwellers, Earth people, we do not like the word “humankind,” and we wish to address you as Earth dwellers. I speak on behalf of Andromedans on your planes of existence in the third and fifth dimensions to those of you who are in one or the other or dancing in between. I have come as a representative of Andromedan people who are observing your planes of existence at this time. We have come to observe and learn where we might “slot in” — by this, we mean reveal ourselves and ask to live among you — in the new universe as it unfolds.

We wish to peacefully coexist with you in the future. We understand that our appearance could bring much fear on your planet if we were to suddenly uncloak ourselves. Many of you are sensitive to the fact that other beings are around, observing and assisting, but most human Earth dwellers are not aware of our presence yet.

So for now we are observing to learn your ways and to learn about the transformation occurring so that we will be received in the best way possible and with full understanding that we mean to peacefully coexist, not take over your planet or in any way influence your trajectory of growth and understanding. We would like to interact with you as you do with human friends, to grow and change in accordance to each relationship. We do not wish to act as creator beings or control or dominate you in any fashion.