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Accept Divine Love

Accept Divine Love Amma the Divine Mother through Cathy Chapman

Good morning, this is Dr. Cathy. We are going to have Amma coming in today. She has a message for us, and she wants us to prepare ourselves by going into our heart sources. First, focus on the front of your heart center. Bring your awareness deep within — as deep as you can. Now remain there, and go into the back of your heart center. Go deep within. Go deep enough to where you will enter your sacred space. Now, again, remain there, go into the front of your third eye chakra, and again go deep within. Move into the back of the third eye chakra, going deep within.

Form a beam of energy up from your heart to your third eye. Now send that beam of energy up to the center of the universe. Don’t worry where it is. Now send it all the way down to the center of Earth. You’re in the front and back of your heart center and the front and back of your third eye with the beam of energy going all the way up to the center of the universe and all the way down to the center of Earth.

Now we’re moving into our healing and lecture room. Anyone who is here now or reads this later is gathered in this room. The wonderful beings who work with Amma are establishing this wondrous room. In the center is a pillar of light. We invite different spiritual beings to come into that pillar to be with us. Jesus and Buddha are coming. The chohans, elders, and elohim of the various rays are entering.