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Your Flowing, Colorful Thought Forms

Your Flowing, Colorful Thought Forms Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

We call to you, and you answer. It is a method of connecting that is clever and efficient, is it not? And similar to when your phone rings, you have the option of answering or not. We are glad you answered, for we have a message of some importance for you.
We have been following your energy as it flows in many diverse directions, and we see similarities occurring even though the directions are diverse. We see your energy as colors and in different forms. The energies to which we refer are your thought forms, and we see them as streaks or streams flowing in specific directions.
Because we are not limited to your third-dimensional reality, we have the ability to sense many more thousands of colors than you can within your physicality. Like you, we see or sense many basic colors and multitudes of variations within each specific color range. This is similar to the various shades you see within a specific color, such as seeing various shades of green or blue.