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Your Consciousness Is Ready for the Wave of Love

Your Consciousness Is Ready for the Wave of Love The Divine Mother through Miriandra Rota

I am your Divine Mother, and I come to greet you and to bless you and all that you will go forth in. Know that there is another beginning. A frequency flows forth over Earth and her inhabitants. This frequency is like a wave of love that can now reside in all beings.
Long ago, the wave of love approached Earth, yet the consciousness on Earth was not ready to receive such pure frequencies. You all have learned how to live in a way that holds your inner peace in the forefront of your journeys. Yes, it is true that some activities, demands, and actions in the cause and effect have called forth something other than inner peace, and that is not a crime. It is called living in a human vessel during the most extreme battle on Earth.
There is no blame for acting or reacting in ways that do not exhibit inner peace. Know that your inner peace does not go anywhere in such circumstances. Your inner peace is always there. Why? That is what I would like to speak with you about. That which we have been calling inner peace is actually the essence of who you are. Now, this is not the same as peace between two nations or two neighborhoods or even between you and another. This is bigger. All that peace I have used as an example resides in the illusion. It is real, yet it is of the illusion.