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You Are Victorious!

You Are Victorious! Lady Portia and Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

We know the challenges that you have all faced as a result of volunteering to incarnate on Earth, and for many people, these have been extremely difficult and painful experiences. However, our message to each of you is that you are victorious! Know that amazing new and higher frequencies of light are now anchored on Earth because of your efforts, and progress is being made, contrary to all outer appearances.
As you face a daily diet of mass murderers, terrorist activities, hatred, and violence, be assured that the divine plan is being advanced steadfastly on your planet. There is no power stronger than the light you wield, and this light is advancing the cause of freedom for yourselves and for Earth.
For eons, Earth has struggled under the weight of these fallen energies, but now the light dawns, moving Earth inexorably toward her destiny as a planet of light — a shining star in the firmament of heaven. Absolutely nothing can stop this progress now, dearest ones, so keep your focus on light, peace, and love, and as you hold this focus, know that the important work is done for Earth.