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The Sacred Knowledge of the Human Soul’s Divinity

The Sacred Knowledge of the Human Soul’s Divinity The Great Wisdom through Judith K. Moore

At the hour of the greatest darkness, the greatest light will shine on the world. You, my beloved children, are the mirrors of this light, which is the light of creation. You chose to incarnate now to cocreate with the divine forces of creation that are transforming the reality of material existence on every level.
Your soul has made endless journeys beyond the limits of the physical world. It has returned to embody all the wisdom you attained as you journeyed in the heavens as nonphysical beings. Your soul is of the essence of creation. You are created of love, the love that formed creation. You are part of the living vibration of this creation force. Your physical body is but a vessel for this light. It awakens you to the majestic creation, the highest level of God consciousness. It awakens you to enter a state of communion with All That Is.
Never before in the annals of human history has humanity had such an opportunity to evolve into a state of unity that opens the consciousness to the infinite nature of the soul. Only the illusion of limitation can limit your reality. You are infinite beings of light and love. Deep within you, you know this. Yet you are affected by the illusion of separation. Your inherited belief systems limit the capacity you have to believe the truth of the infinite nature of your soul.