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Reconnect with Sacred Time

Reconnect with Sacred Time Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, welcome to the last month of the first quarter of 2018. Does time seem to be flying quickly this year? I’m sure the notable uptick in planetary turbulence these past few years is obvious by now. While this is a common experience at the turn of any astrological age, the current passage might stand out in large part due to the progress of the latter Piscean Age. Humanity has come through exceedingly rapid technological advances, and while this speaks favorably to human ingenuity and the actualization of remarkable possibilities, it has also left many people reeling at the speed of this evolution.
To be sure, all ages seem to go out much faster than they came in. Time, or the sense of it, tends to be catapulted into high gear as one age closes and another begins. While the creative thrust of the closing Piscean Age has been nothing short of astounding, it has also left humanity with two nagging questions to answer: Can humans manage well all the technological wonders they have created? Will technology be the salvation of the world or the source of its destruction?
These questions, haunting though they may be, are not actually new. The science fiction of the past seventy years literally abounds with compelling fabrications for both scenarios. Perhaps different segments of humanity are engaged in bringing about both these outcomes, possibly others as well. However, these groups do not work in alignment, and neither understands the motivation of the other.