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Reconnect and Heal with Spirit

Reconnect and Heal with Spirit Donna Taylor

The first half of March has a very fluid and flexible energy. With the Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron all in malleable Pisces, life will work better when we go with the flow and don’t resist what is. It will also help to adopt a more tolerant and nonjudgmental approach to others, for Pisces is nothing if not forgiving and compassionate. Since the month kicks off with a full moon in Virgo opposite the Sun’s conjunction to Neptune, which is likely to bring this theme of tolerance rather than criticism to the fore, we can enter March much more gracefully if we adopt these Pisces-Neptune principles of loving kindness.
The time is also ripe for healing, inspiration, and spiritual development, so March (especially the first twenty days) brings a great opportunity to embrace those themes. When do you feel divinely inspired? For me, it’s when I’m standing by the sea with my camera taking ethereal pictures. For others, it’s music, and for some people, inspiration comes from listening to a motivational speaker or through meditation, art, or the exhilaration of exercise. Find whatever inspires you, and vow to do more of it in March, not just because the results of your creativity could be more impressive and enjoyable than normal, but because it’s probably how you’re meant to live. I’m sure God intended us to be in constant connection with spirit, and the early days of March especially offer us a chance to regain that connection.
Healing is more likely to be successful when you focus on the spiritual level rather than by the usual physical methods, such as drugs, supplements, and medical procedures. That’s not to say that these are inferior. It’s just that at this time — when Neptune is dominating proceedings — our bodies are likely to respond better to subtle energies rather than brash forceful ones. So Reiki, flower essences, homeopathy, yoga, tai chi, and so on could work very well. Also consider art therapy in painting, writing, music, photography, or dance, as well as other forms of self-expression.