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Live as a Sacred Collaborator

Live as a Sacred Collaborator One Life through Catherine Weser

You are a sacred collaborator with your world, spirit, others, and whatever momentarily seems to be separate from you. The relative nature of the world is an expression of the infinite events of this sacred collaboration. You are not all alone creating everything you experience. You are a magnificent collaborator who moves from the position of being the creator to the position of being the created in less time than the blink of an eye and without effort.
Just as your breath is effortless and reliable, so is this oscillation between creating and being created. In truth, everything experienced is what it is and what it is not, blinking on and off in sacred collaboration.
The nature of this sacred collaboration is cooperative, effortless, and respectful. You can collaborate with anyone and anything, yet you cannot name in any concrete manner what “anyone” or “anything” actually is. You might call your sacred collaborator Spirit, God, or the Divine, but the reality of whether that is accurate can never be known. It is part of the great mystery of life that you will only have an inkling of this sacred collaboration in moments when you are the least interested in defining or identifying it.