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Inspiration, Awakening, and Recognition Amid Global Chaos

Inspiration, Awakening, and Recognition Amid Global Chaos The Cosmic Blue Essene through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

From the ocean of divine eternal wisdom and the heart of the oneness, we come forward to join with you as we cocreate that which is manifesting now. Many are faced with the daily reminders that the planetary illusion is shifting and time is becoming ever more refined. Through this shift, many have great concern as financial structures change and the relationship that humanity has with Earth is at a moment of opportunity that calls out to be noticed! There is also the deep concern about global safety and the rise in the energy that calls forward needs. For many, this is manifesting as the need to seek stability through unstable structures.
The vast creative nature and resilience of humanity is extraordinary. Together, you are sailing into the power-enriched storm of shift. This is a bold and brilliant experience, and we assure you that you are ready to encounter the mighty wind of awakening that is calling to every soul on the planet.
Through the divine acceptance of your eternal nature and the stability that you discover from this awareness arises a call from the heart that compels forward momentum. The energy of ascension (forward expansion and momentum) arises regardless of the multitude of outward expressions that seek to disrupt your journey of awakened presence.