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How to Access the Support of the Universe

How to Access the Support of the Universe Master Kuthumi through Natalie Glasson

We are entering a time of tremendous change. In 2018 you have the ability to manifest your dreams and desires. In truth, anything you have been waiting to experience and embody, whether of a spiritual or material nature, has the opportunity to manifest. Twenty eighteen is a transitional year. Your perspective and perceptions of yourself will shift dramatically as you create a vision of that which you wish to be. The previous year allowed your perceptions and perspectives to be cleansed and realigned with the source of love within you. This has created a beautiful foundation in which to plant the seeds of what you wish to be and experience. Anything is possible, and on the wings of love, you can create anything you want through your focus and self-acceptance.
Everything that you wish to embody or manifest is within your being. Imagine you have a television with hundreds of channels, and you have the opportunity to choose which channels to watch. Maybe you have been watching the poverty or hardship channels, and now you have the opportunity to watch the abundance or fulfillment channels. Everything you wish to experience and embody is within you; therefore, you simply need to align with it and project it into your reality.